Bora Embedded Linux Kit (BELK)

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Bora5-small.jpg Applies to Bora

The new documentation is available here: DESK-XZ7-L


For BELK 3.0.2 or older, the boot process was based on the FSBL+second-stage bootloader (U-Boot) combination. From BELK 4.0.0 on, the boot process is based on the first-stage bootloader (U-Boot SPL)+second-stage bootloader (U-Boot) combination.

Unboxing[edit | edit source]

Belk 01.png

Bora Embedded Linux Kit (BELK for short) provides all the necessary components required to set up the developing environment for:

  • building the first-stage bootloader:
    • FSBL for BELK 3.0.2 or older
    • U-boot SPL for BELK 4.0.0 or newer
  • building the second-stage bootloader (U-Boot)
  • building and running Linux operating system on Bora-based systems
  • building Linux applications that will run on the target.

DAVE Embedded Systems provides all the customization required (in particular at bootloader and Linux kernel levels) to enable customers to use the standard Zynq-7000 development tools for building all the firmware/software components that will run on the target system.

Kit contents[edit | edit source]

Component Description Notes
Bora5-small.jpg Bora SOM

Default option is DBRF4110S2R (see Order codes for more options)

  • SoC: Xilinx XC7Z020 (866Mhz, Speed "-3", Tj 0-100°C)
  • SDRAM: 1 GB DDR3
  • NOR: bootable SPI flash 16 MB
  • NAND: 1GB (SLC)
  • For more details, please refer to the Bora Hardware Manual
  • By default, ARM cores frequency is set to 667 MHz and the example Vivado project is implemented for a "-1" device. This choice makes the software released with the kit compatible with possible variants based on different SoM models. In this regard, see also the order codes section.
Boraevb-02.png BORA Carrier board Se also the BoraEVB page
Alimentatore.jpg AC/DC Single Output Wall Mount adapter
Output: +12V – 2.0 A
Please refer to Belk Quick Start Guide
FTDI USB/RS232 cable adapter
FTDI code: CHIPI-X10
D9 Female to D9 Female null modem cable
Sandisk Industrial 32GB.png
MicroSDHC card

Order codes[edit | edit source]

Order code Description
BELK-L-S-S This code refers to the default configuration detailed above

Logical structure of Bora Embedded Linux Kit (BELK)[edit | edit source]

Please refer to this page.

BELK software components[edit | edit source]

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Quick start guide[edit | edit source]

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Physical devices mapping[edit | edit source]

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Advanced topics[edit | edit source]

Debugging with Eclipse[edit | edit source]

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ConfigID feature[edit | edit source]

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