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Embedded Sofware Kit - DESK-XZ7-L

DAVE Embedded Software Kit Linux (DESK-XZ7-L in short - read more info about the naming ) - provides all the necessary components required to set up the developing environment to:

  • build the Vivado project
  • build the Petalinux operating system

The Embedded Software kit is composed by:

  • git repositories access for registered users allowing the update of the following repo
    • Vivado
    • Petalinux
  • SD card with the complete environment for
    • a complete Kit bootstrap and demonstration (with u-boot, kernel and root file systems binaries already configured)
DESK-XZ7-L History
Version Issue Date Notes Refers to
1.0.0-rc1 Q1 2023 DESK-XZ7-L-1.0.0 rc1 release BORA SOM
1.0.1 Jan 2024 DESK-XZ7-L-1.0.1 release BORA TOP.pngBORA SOM
BORA Xpress.pngBORA Xpress SOM


Customers are strongly recommended to register their kits. Registration grants access to reserved material such as source code and additional documentation.

To register the kit, please send an email to, providing the kit P/N and S/N.

Pdf-logo.png DESK-XZ7-L Manual
PDF Manuals are available only on the latest version.
Checkout the pages' history on wiki for previous releases or contact

General Development Deployment Peripherals