Machine Learning Services

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Machine Learning Services


Model design

  • PoC design for dataset acquisition
  • Dataset recording
  • Model design and definition (using the most popular techniques depending on the Scope of Supply)
  • Dataset analysis and preparation for Learning and Training phase

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Model Learning and Training

  • Model deployment on target
  • Design of Learning machine on local or cloud solution
  • test bench based solution for accuracy evaluation
  • Deployment on the field and fine tuning


Continuous Learning and Update

  • IoT based continuous recording of new dataset information
  • New dataset information review and integration
  • Continuous model Training and Learning
  • Deployment OTA on the field of new model updates

Machine Learning Services: what we offer in short Machine Learning Services: the on board mechanism Machine Learning Services: the deployment Machine Learning Services: the maintenance/upgrade

DAVE Embedded Systems offers the above services with two possible approaches:

  • based on binding formal quotation after discussions and effort evaluation
  • based on Time & Material approach with an initial estimation of the effort

The standard approach requires an initial contact with the technical team. Customers together the team defines:

  • The technical specification
  • The scope of Supply
  • The Acceptance Criterias jointly used for evaluate the task and approve it

Depending on the requested task, the project is managed via gantt approach with multiple tasks with peer review (both internals and shared with customers). The typical deployment is then shared with customers via a dedicated wiki structure (like this but private between DAVE Embedded Systems and customers) and a dedicated project branch on our Gitlab server.

Depending on the requested task, the project may require a regular service for updates and improvements (such as the improvement s on ML model thanks to an increased/modified dataset). In this case, this service is released regularly via sw updates in our Gitlab server with release candidates and official releases

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