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This article illustrates the naming scheme used for Dave Embedded Software Kits (DESK for short).

The general form looks like this:

DESK - <SoC family> - <o.s.> - <major> . <minor> . <release>


  • <SoC family>
    • MX6UL: NXP i.MX6UL family
    • MX6: NXP i.MX6 family (i.MX6DL, i.MX6Q, etc.)
    • MX8M: NXP i.MX8M family
  • <o.s.>
    • Operating system
      • L: Linux
      • A: Android
  • <major>
    • This field is generally associated with the Board Support Package (BSP) provided by the silicon vendor on which the DESK is based. For more details, please refer to the overview table of the specific DESK you are interested to. For instance, see this page for the DESK-MX6-L.
  • <minor>
    • TBD
  • <release>
    • TBD