BoraX Embedded Linux Kit (BXELK)

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BORA Xpress.png Applies to BORA Xpress


For BXELK 1.0.1 or older, the boot process was based on the FSBL+second-stage bootloader (U-Boot) combination. From BXELK 2.0.0 on, the boot process is based on the first-stage bootloader (U-Boot SPL)+second-stage bootloader (U-Boot) combination.

Unboxing[edit | edit source]


BoraX Embedded Linux Kit (BXELK for short) provides all the necessary components required to set up the developing environment for:

  • building the first-stage bootloader:
    • FSBL for BXELK 1.0.1 or older
    • U-boot SPL for BXELK 2.0.0 or newer
  • building the second-stage bootloader (U-Boot)
  • building and running Linux operating system on BORA Xpress SOM
  • building and debugging applications that will be executed on top of Yocto-based Linux distribution running on the target.

The main kit components are:

  • hardware platform, composed by BORA Xpress SOM and BORA Xpress Evalutation kit
  • source code of target software
  • technical documentation (hardware manuals, mechanical drawings, reference schematics, application notes etc.)

Kit contents[edit | edit source]

Component Description Notes
BORA Xpress.png BORA Xpress SOM (p/n DBXF4110S2R)
  • SoC: Xilinx XC7Z030 (866Mhz, Speed "-3", Tj 0-100°C)
  • SDRAM: 1 GB DDR3
  • NOR: bootable SPI flash 16 MB
  • NAND: 1GB (SLC)
  • For more details, please refer to the BORA Xpress Hardware Manual
  • By default, ARM cores frequency is set to 667 MHz and the example Vivado project is implemented for a "-1" device. This choice makes the software released with the kit compatible with possible variants based on different SoM models. In this regard, see also the order codes section.
BoraXEVB-01.png BORA Xpress Carrier board
Alimentatore.jpg AC/DC Single Output Wall Mount adapter

Output: +12V – 2.0 A

ProdSDC-MBLY-thumb.png microSDHC card with SD adapter and USB adapter

Order codes[edit | edit source]

Order code Description
BXELK-H-S This code refers to the default configuration detailed above
BXELK-H-S-D This variant is like BELK-L-S, except the SOM, which is DBXD4110S2R.

Logical structure of BXELK[edit | edit source]

Please refer to this page.

BXELK software components[edit | edit source]

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Quick start guide[edit | edit source]

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Physical devices mapping[edit | edit source]

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Advanced topics[edit | edit source]

Debugging with Eclipse[edit | edit source]

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ConfigID feature[edit | edit source]

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