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SBC Axel Single Board Comupter
SBC Axel Single Board Computer
SBC Axel SBC Block Diagram

How to get more info about SBC Axel Single Board Computer

Sale-tag.png SBC Axel Single Board Computer Evaluation Kit RFQ Request For Quotation
Customer-service.png Online Technical Helpdesk
Services maintenance services icon gray.png RMA Return Material Authorization Inquiry

Getting started

About this documentation

200px-Emblem-important.svg.png Customers are strongly recommended to register their kits. Registration grants access to reserved material such as source code and additional documentation.

To register the kit, please send an email to, providing the kit P/N and S/N.

Pdf-logo.png SBC Axel Single Board Computer Manual

General Information Interfaces and Connectors Electrical and Mechanical Documents Insights

Product Highlights and Features

Expansions boards/ADD ONs