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New documentation layout


Added Evaluation Kit order code
2024/05/14 Added Unboxing video demo

Unboxing[edit | edit source]

Once you've received the kit, please open the box and check the kit contents with the packing list included in the box, using the table on this chapter as a reference.

The hardware components (SOM, carrier boards and display) are pre-assembled, as shown in the picture below:

AXEL Lite-EVK-kit-unboxing.png

Video[edit | edit source]

Unboxing AXEL Lite Evaluation Kit

Kit Contents[edit | edit source]

The following table list the kit components:

Component Description
AXEL Lite-EVK-kit-SBC.png
AXEL Lite-EVK-kit-display.png
Ampire AM-800480SETMQW
7” 800x480 LCD display
LVDS interface
DWS top.png
DWS WiFi module
AXEL Lite-EVK-kit-power-supply.png
AC/DC Single Output Wall Mount adapter
Output: +12V – 2.0 A
AXEL Lite-EVK-kit-serial-cable.png
DB9 Male Serial port adapter
AXEL Lite-EVK-kit-sdcard.png
MicroSDHC card with SD adapter

Order codes[edit | edit source]

Order code Description
SBCX562012C2R-00 This code refers to the default configuration detailed above

microSD Layout[edit | edit source]

The microSD provided with is used to store:

  • a bootable partition (mmcblk0p1, vfat) containing:
    • binary images (u-boot and kernel images)
    • documentation
    • DVDK virtual machine image
  • root file system partition (mmcblk0p2, ext3)