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Naon am387x-dm814x.png Applies to Naon
Naon-evb-mid top.png Applies to NaonEVB-Mid

Introduction[edit | edit source]

NaonEVB-Mid is a carrier board designed to evaluate the functionalities of NAON.


The following picture shows block diagram of NaonEVB-Mid board.

NaonEVB-Mid block diagram

The following images show top and bottom side of NaonEVB-Mid carrier board respectively. Peripherals and interfaces external to Naon SOM are highlighted.

NaonEVB-Mid top view
NaonEVB-Mid bottom view

Quick start (NELK)[edit | edit source]

This section describes how to quick start NaonEVB-Mid-based system, provided that it is programmed according to NELK configuration.

  1. connect the serial cable provided with the board to J17 connector
  2. connect this cable to PC COM port through a NULL-modem cable (not provided)
  3. start your favourite terminal software on PC; communication parameters are:
    • baud rate: 115200 Bps
    • data bits: 8
    • stop bits: 1
    • parity: none
  4. (optional) to connect the system to Ethernet LAN, please plug cable on connector J11
  5. (optional) to connect the system to HDMI TV/LCD, please plug cable on connector J6
  6. connect a 12Vcc power supply to J14 as shown in the following picture:

Once power has been applied, U-Boot bootloader will be executed and the following messages will be printed on serial console (please note that messages may vary due different U-Boot releases):

U-Boot 2010.06-00011-gd371eb4 (Apr 22 2013 - 12:17:17) [nelk-4.0.0-Naon-min]

TI8148-GP rev 2.1

ARM clk: 600MHz
DDR clk: 400MHz
L3  clk: 200MHz
DSS clk: 200MHz
IVA clk: 266MHz
ISS clk: 400MHz
DSP clk: 500MHz

DRAM:  512 MiB
Using default environment

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0 
8192 KiB AT45DB642D at 0:0 is now current device
## Starting application at 0x81000000 ...

U-Boot 2010.06-00011-gd371eb4 (Apr 22 2013 - 12:17:53) [nelk-4.0.0-Naon]

TI8148-GP rev 2.1

ARM clk: 600MHz
DDR clk: 400MHz
L3  clk: 200MHz
DSS clk: 200MHz
IVA clk: 266MHz
ISS clk: 400MHz
DSP clk: 500MHz

I2C:   ready
DRAM:  512 MiB
NAND:  HW ECC BCH8 Selected
1024 MiB
MUX: configuring for evb_mid
Net:   Detected MACID:00:50:C2:1E:AF:E3

These messages are printed by U-Boot, which has a serial console that allow basic interaction with the system. Please find more information in the U-Boot category page.

At the end of its boot sequence, U-Boot prints NAON# prompt and waits for user commands.

The default u-boot environment can be printed using the print command:

spi_load_1st=tftp ${loadaddr} naon/MLO
nand_load_1st=mw.b ${loadaddr} 0xFF 0x20000; tftp ${loadaddr} naon/MLO
spi_update_1st=sf probe 0:0; sf erase 0x0 0x20000; sf write ${loadaddr} 0x0 0x20000
nand_update_1st=nand erase 0x0 0x20000; nandecc hw 2; nand write.i ${loadaddr} 0x0 0x20000
load=mw.b ${loadaddr} 0xFF 0x40000; tftp ${loadaddr} naon/u-boot.bin
spi_update=sf probe 0:0; sf erase 0x20000 0x40000; sf write ${loadaddr} 0x20000 0x40000
nand_update=nand erase 0x20000 0x40000; nandecc hw 2; nand write.i ${loadaddr} 0x20000 0x40000
loadk=mw.b ${loadaddr} 0xFF 0x400000; tftp ${loadaddr} ${bootfile}
spi_updatek=sf probe 0:0; sf erase 0x80000 0x400000; sf write ${loadaddr} 0x80000 0x400000
nand_updatek=nand erase 0xA0000 0x400000; nandecc hw 2; nand write.i ${loadaddr} 0xA0000 0x400000
addcons=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} console=${console},115200n8 earlyprintk
addmem=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} mem=${mem} vram=${vram} notifyk.vpssm3_sva=${notify_mem}
addip=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} ip=${ipaddr}:${serverip}:${gateway}:${netmask}:${hostname}:${ethdev}
nfsargs=setenv bootargs root=/dev/nfs rw nfsroot=${serverip}:${rootpath} panic=5 rootdelay=5
net_nfs=run loadk nfsargs addip addcons addmem; bootm ${buf}
nandargs=setenv bootargs root=/dev/mtdblock12 rw rootfstype=jffs2
spi_nand=run nandargs addip addcons addmem; sf probe 0:0; sf read ${loadaddr} 0x80000 0x400000; bootm ${loadaddr}
nand_nand=run nandargs addip addcons addmem; nandecc hw 2; nand read ${loadaddr} 0xA0000 0x400000; bootm $(loadaddr}
mmcargs=setenv bootargs root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rw
spi_mmc=run mmcargs addip addcons addmem; sf probe 0:0; sf read ${loadaddr} 0x80000 0x400000; bootm ${loadaddr}

Booting from SD/MMC[edit | edit source]

If you have the bootable SD/MMC provided with the development kit and it contains the boot.scr script file, the following command is automatically executed by U-Boot:

echo trying to boot from NELK MMC; mmc rescan 0; fatload mmc 0 80900000 boot.scr; source 80900000; run net_nfs

If the boot.scr script file is not available, you can manually boot the system from SD using the following commands:

mmc rescan 0
fatload mmc 0 81000000 uImage
setenv mmcargs 'setenv bootargs root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw'
run mmcargs addip addcons addmem
bootm 81000000

If a Linux kernel image has been preliminary programmed on the SPI NOR flash, you can run the following command:

run spi_mmc

To start Linux (from on-board SPI NOR flash) and mount the development root file system (over SD/MMC).

Booting from network[edit | edit source]

If you have installed the DAVE Embedded Systems Virtual Development Kit, you can start the Virtual Machine and start Linux loading the kernel through tftp and mounting the NFS root file system with the following command:

run net_nfs

Please note that you need to modify some u-boot environment variables before running the net_nfs configuration. For further information, please refer to Configuration net_nfs.

Hardware information[edit | edit source]

Bootstrap settings[edit | edit source]

Please refer to Bootstrap settings (NaonEVB-Mid)

JTAG interfaces[edit | edit source]

Please refer to JTAG interfaces (NaonEVB-Mid).

Video interfaces[edit | edit source]

NaonEVB-Mid provides a rich set of video input/output interfaces. Please refer to this page for more details.

Schematics[edit | edit source]


Please note that Orcad CIS is required to get all the information about BOM variants included in .dsn files.

PDF files show the view of the default BOM variant used to manufacture the board. Components that are not populated are denoted as "Do Not Stuff".

PinMux[edit | edit source]

BOM[edit | edit source]

Layout[edit | edit source]

Mechanical[edit | edit source]