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U-Boot is an open source (GPL2) bootloader primary used on embedded device. It can be used to boot may OSes but it usually boot Linux kernels.

U-boot is usually the first code executed on embedded platform and take care, in the following order, of:

  1. hardware initialization (PLLs, dynamic memory controller, pin multiplexing)
  2. user interaction (via serial port shell)
  3. boot image retrieving (from flash or, mainly used in development environment, via network)
  4. boot parameter processing and kernel startup

U-boot is uses in all non-x86 DAVE Embedded Systems embedded platform. Most of the U-boot code and documentation is system independent for this reason users that are looking for U-boot documentation should first read the main README file inside the source code tree and all the documents inside the doc sub directory.

For further information about U-boot, please refer to the U-Boot Manual

This category put together all the information specific for DAVE Embedded Systems platform or some advanced topic hard to find inside the standard docs.