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DAVE Virtual Development Kit is a virtual machine, based on Oracle VirtualBox, that allows developers to start using DAVE's products without wasting time in installing the development environment.

The Virtual Machine comes with all the development tools and source code, preconfigured, and require only a minimal setup by the end user (usually only to adapt network interface to the user environment).

DVDK can also be converted, easily, in a physical environment, for example to gain speed improvment on slower machine.

This category put together all the pages specific to DVDK setup and using instruction. Please note that we will not refer to a development kit for a single platform (e.g. Naon) but to a generic development kit for DAVE platform.

Info-icon.png Please note that together with each DVDK binaries, there's a README file that contains platform dependent information that the user should read before using

DVDK itself


Please read the VirtualBox Starting DVDK Virtual Machine for information on how to run the DVDK virtual machine.