Host setup and development flow (BELK/BXELK)

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Bora5-small.jpg Applies to Bora
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Host setup and development flow[edit | edit source]

The software development environment for Processing Subsystem (PS) is quite complex because it is based on several tools. This document collects the resources, available in this wiki, which are related to these tools, in order to illustrate how to install and set up them.

First, it is strongly recommended the reading of this document to understand the general structure of the kit.

For setting up the development environment, please refer to the following documents:

To deepen target software-related aspects, these specific pages are available:

  • This page for detailed instruction on U-Boot building
  • This page for detailed instruction on Linux kernel building
  • This link shows hot to use Yocto build system to build the entire BSP, including U-Boot bootloader, Linux kernel and root file system.

About Programmable Logic (PL), please refer to this page that illustrates a simple reference design for BORA Evaluation kit and BORA Xpress Evaluation kit.