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Version Issue Date Notes
1.0.0 Nov 2020 New documentation layout

Part number composition[edit | edit source]

DWM ADD-ON part number is identified by the following digit-code table:

Part number structure Options Description
DWM Prefix
  • 0001
Reserved for future use
Temperature range
  • I - Industrial grade: -40 to 85°C
For the DAVE Embedded Systems' product Temperature Range classification, please find more information at the page Products Classification
PCB revision
  • 2: Mass production release
PCB release may change for manufacturing purposes (i.e. text fixture adaptation)
Manufacturing option
  • R: RoHS compliant
typically connected to production process and quality

Example[edit | edit source]

DWM ADD-ON code DWM0001I2R

  • 0001 - standard version
  • I - Industrial grade