DESK-MX9-L/Deployment/Booting from different storage devices

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Issue Date Notes
2024/02/01 DESK-MX9-L-5.0.0 release

Boot from different storage devices[edit | edit source]

AURA SOM is designed to support different bootable storage devices.

The i.MX93 SoC supports different boot modes. DAVE Embedded Systems SOM designs simplify and provide the following boot mode options, see AURA boot modes

The usage of NOR flash memories, NAND devices and eMMC or SD devices can be chosen with regard to the reliability. This is especially true when the NAND flash is used as the boot device. Several techniques such as wear leveling and bad block management have to be implemented to achieve an acceptable reliability.

Please check the AURA P/N composition page for the storage devices available on the SOMs or contact our technical support for more information.

Storage devices support[edit | edit source]

DESK-MX9-L-5.0.0 supports boot from uSD device only.