XELK-AN-TBD: Screen recording

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Axel-04.png Applies to Axel Ultra
Axel-02.png Applies to AXEL ESATTA
Axel-lite 02.png Applies to Axel Lite
AXEL ULite-top.png Applies to AXEL ULite
SBC Lynx-top.png Applies to SBC Lynx


This application note has been validated using the kit version in the History table.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Development Kit version
1.0.0 February 2021 XELK 3.0.1

Introduction[edit | edit source]

In certain situations, it is required to record on a video file what is displayed on the screen—for instance, to document a procedure or describe how to use a software application.

By using the well-known ImageMagick suite, this job can be accomplished straightforwardly. This Application Note (AN) shows how to do screen recording on a system running a XELK-based Yocto Linux distribution.