Supported power mode transitions (SBC Lynx)

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AXEL ULite-top.png Applies to AXEL ULite
SBC Lynx-top.png Applies to SBC Lynx

Introduction[edit | edit source]

SBC Lynx allows to implement different schemes to manage power mode transitions. The following sections describe the most common modes. If you need to implement a mode that is not listed here, please get in touch with Sales department.

On/off mode[edit | edit source]

This is the default supported mode. This mode fits the majority of industrial application where device is powered on by the application of supply voltage and it is powered off by the removal of it. A simplified state diagram of power states is depicted in the following image.

State diagram of on/off power mode.

It is worth remembering that, in case the systems transitions to the shutdown state [1], it is required a power off/on cycle or a full hardware reset to start again.

[1] In case Linux operating system is used, transition to shutdown state can be triggered by issuing the following command: shutdown -h now.

Tablet mode[edit | edit source]

This mode somehow resembles the use of a tablet, in the sense that it is conceived to work in combination with a physical button that can be pressed by the human operator to wake the device up or to turn it on/off.

The resulting simplified state diagram is depicted in the following picture.

State diagram of on/off power mode.

The implementation of tablet mode can be done by exploiting the CPU_ONOFF signal available on connector J50 and requires that the SNVS domain is always powered. For more information please contact Sales department.