Specific SOM U-Boot Environment Variables

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Naon am387x-dm814x.png Applies to Naon
Maya 03.png Applies to Maya
Dido-main.png Applies to Dido
Tux.png Applies to U-Boot


This page describes the U-Boot environment variables that specifically applies to certain DAVE Embeddded Systems SOMs.

Naon Family

The variables listed on the following table applies to Naon, Maya and Dido SOMs.

Variable Values Description Notes
xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx MAC address for both eth0 and eth1 interfaces Available with NELK 4.0.0 and above
dual_emac 0 - 1 [0: CPSW switch mode - 1: CPSW dual EMAC mode] Configures CPSW mode Available with NELK 4.0.0 and above
cpsw 0 - 1 [0: phy 6 -> 100Mbit Naon module - 1: phy 1 -> 1Gbit external phy] Selects primary phy for networking operations in U-Boot Available with NELK 2.0.0 and above
External phy available on Naon-EVB-Lite and Naon-EVB-Mid
giga on [on : gigabit] Selects gigabit speed on gigabit link Available with NELK 2.0.0 and above
naon_host Naon: [evb_mid - evb_lite]
Maya: [maya_naon_evb_lite]
Dido: [evb_mid - evb_lite]
Selects carrier board pinmux Available with NELK 2.0.0 and above
Please refer to U-Boot source tree for the available pinmux
U-Boot specific variables for Naon-family SOMs


The following variables applies to Dido CPU module. Please note that the this variables refers to U-Boot and Linux provided with NELK version 4.0.0.

addmem = 'setenv bootargs ${bootargs} mem 364M mem=320M@0x9fc00000 mem=1020M@0xc0000000 vmalloc=500M' - Dido 2 GB memory