Specific SOM U-Boot Environment Variables

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Naon am387x-dm814x.png Applies to Naon
Maya 03.png Applies to Maya
Dido-main.png Applies to Dido
Tux.png Applies to U-Boot

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page describes the U-Boot environment variables that specifically applies to certain DAVE Embeddded Systems SOMs.

Naon Family[edit | edit source]

The variables listed on the following table applies to Naon, Maya and Dido SOMs.

Variable Values Description Notes
xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx MAC address for both eth0 and eth1 interfaces Available with NELK 4.0.0 and above
dual_emac 0 - 1 [0: CPSW switch mode - 1: CPSW dual EMAC mode] Configures CPSW mode Available with NELK 4.0.0 and above
cpsw 0 - 1 [0: phy 6 -> 100Mbit Naon module - 1: phy 1 -> 1Gbit external phy] Selects primary phy for networking operations in U-Boot Available with NELK 2.0.0 and above
External phy available on Naon-EVB-Lite and Naon-EVB-Mid
giga on [on : gigabit] Selects gigabit speed on gigabit link Available with NELK 2.0.0 and above
naon_host Naon: [evb_mid - evb_lite]
Maya: [maya_naon_evb_lite]
Dido: [evb_mid - evb_lite]
Selects carrier board pinmux Available with NELK 2.0.0 and above
Please refer to U-Boot source tree for the available pinmux
U-Boot specific variables for Naon-family SOMs

Dido[edit | edit source]

The following variables applies to Dido CPU module. Please note that the this variables refers to U-Boot and Linux provided with NELK version 4.0.0.

addmem = 'setenv bootargs ${bootargs} mem 364M mem=320M@0x9fc00000 mem=1020M@0xc0000000 vmalloc=500M' - Dido 2 GB memory