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Issue Date Notes
2021/12/10 First release

GPIOs interface[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The GPIOs interface is available on the Evaluation Kit at the connector J8.

J8 is a 20x2x2.54mm pin strip header connector.

GPIOs connector (J8)

Signals[edit | edit source]

The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin# SOM Pin# Pin name Pin function Pin Notes
7 J15.150 SAI2_TXFS GPIO4_IO24
8 J15.144 SAI2_RXFS GPIO4_IO21
10 J15.140 SAI2_RXC GPIO4_IO22
11 J15.142 SAI2_RXD0 GPIO4_IO23
12 J15.146 SAI2_TXC GPIO4_IO25
13 J15.132 SPDIF_RX GPIO5_IO04
15 J15.134 SPDIF_TX GPIO5_IO03
16 J15.148 SAI2_TXD0 GPIO4_IO26
18 J15.138 SAI2_MCLK GPIO4_IO27
19 J15.122 ECSPI2_MOSI GPIO5_IO11
21 J15.120 ECSPI2_MISO GPIO5_IO12
22 J15.166 SAI5_MCLK GPIO3_IO25
23 J15.124 ECSPI2_SCLK GPIO5_IO10
24 J15.126 ECSPI2_SS0 GPIO5_IO13
27 J15.248 UART2_RXD GPIO5_IO24
28 J15.152 SAI3_MCLK GPIO5_IO02
29 J15.250 UART2_TXD GPIO5_IO25
31 J15.256 UART4_RXD GPIO5_IO28
32 J15.178 SAI5_RXFS GPIO3_IO19
33 J15.258 UART4_TXD GPIO5_IO29
35 J15.176 SAI5_RXD3 GPIO3_IO24
36 J15.174 SAI5_RXD2 GPIO3_IO23
37 J15.172 SAI5_RXD1 GPIO3_IO22
38 J15.170 SAI5_RXD0 GPIO3_IO21
40 J15.168 SAI5_RXC GPIO3_IO20
1, 17 - 3V3_CB +3.3V BOARD_PGOOD driven rail
2, 4 - 5V_VIN +5V Always powered
6, 9, 14, 20, 25, 30, 34, 39 - DGND Ground

All the GPIO signals are 0-3.3V level.

Device mapping[edit | edit source]

GPIOs are mapped into banks each of which contains 32 pins. They are named as GPIO<bank>_IO<pin>

Each pin can be addressed with an incremental number, calculated as follows: GPIO = 32 x (<bank> - 1) + <pin>

Device usage[edit | edit source]

Under Linux the GPIOs can be manipulated su sysfs export or with the gpio tools.