ORCA SBC/Getting started/Boot Configurations

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Version Issue Date Notes
1.0.0 Dec 2021 First release

Boot Configurations[edit | edit source]

ORCA Evaluation Board is built upon i.MX8M Plus SoC.

The following sections detail boot configuration options related to the ORCA SOM.

Available options[edit | edit source]

Boot modes can be selected by S2 switches which acts directly on SYSBOOT configuration pins.

S2 switches are connected to ORCA BOOT_MODE[3:0] pins allowing different boot modes.

BOOT_MODE[3:0] Boot sequence Notes
0000 Boot From Internal Fuses Please contact sales@dave.eu for more information
0001 USB Serial Download
0010 USDHC3 eMMC boot only, SD3 8-bit
0011 USDHC2 SD boot only, SD2 microSD
0100 NAND 8-bit single device 256 page
0101 NAND 8-bit single device 512 page
0110 QSPI 3B read