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Diva-am335x-overview.png Applies to Diva


Introduction[edit | edit source]

DivaEVB-Lite is a carrier board designed to host Diva system-on-module. It can also act as an adaptation board used in combination with Dacu carrier board. Therefore two different versions exist that are a little bit different.

DivaEVB-Lite Standalone version[edit | edit source]


The following picture shows Diva-EVB-Lite's block diagram when configured as standalone carrier board:


DivaEVB-Lite for Dacu[edit | edit source]

Divaevb-divelk 01.png

200px-Emblem-important.svg.png When used in combination with Dacu, please note the points listed below: 200px-Emblem-important.svg.png
  • the following parts are not installed because their respective functionality is already implemented on DACU board
    • USBOTG port
    • RS232 UART port
    • PSU.
  • some wired connections are necessary; these are detailed in the Schematics section.
  • on J18 connector, a jumper must be placed on positions 1-2 and 3-4

Please see also Dacu for the Diva SOM.

Divelk 03.png

Booting options[edit | edit source]

Diva module is built upon AM335x processor. This component supports several booting options that are summarized here. Reading of that section is recommended for understanding this document.

In general, AM335x ROM code creates a booting device list that are scanned for searching an available booting image.

Available options[edit | edit source]

Boot modes can be selected by S3 switches which acts directly on SYSBOOT configuration pins.

S3 switches are mapped to SYBOOT[3:0] pins allowing different boot modes.

S3 switch SYSBOOT pin

N.B. bit set to 0 means DIP SWITCH has to be set to ON position.

Boot from NOR example[edit | edit source]

  • SYSBOOT[3:0] = 0111 set S3[5:8] switches to ON-OFF-OFF-OFF


Same example can be found in the following table:

SYBOOT[3:0] Boot sequence Notes
0111 MMC0/SPI0/UART0 Default boot from NOR SPI
0011 NAND/NANDI2C/MMC0 boot from NAND
1001 SPI0/MMC0/EMAC1 boot from EMAC if DIVA has no NOR and no NAND on board

Schematics[edit | edit source]

200px-Emblem-important.svg.png Please note that Orcad CIS is required to get all the information about BOM variants included in .dsn files.

PDF files show statically the BOM variants used to manufacture different versions of the board (if any). Components that are not populated are denoted as "Do Not Stuff".


BOM[edit | edit source]

Layout[edit | edit source]

Mechanical[edit | edit source]