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Issue Date Notes
2021/06/28 First DESK-MX6UL-L release

Synchronizing the repository[edit | edit source]

In DESK-MX6UL-L, the following source trees are clones of the correspondent DAVE Embedded Systems git repositories:

Component GIT Remote
Linux kernel
Yocto BSP

For more information about the access to these repositories, please refer to this link.

Access to DAVE Embedded Systems' git repositories is granted to development kit's owners only. Please refer to this page for detailed instructions on how to get access.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

The components listed in the table above can be kept in sync and up to date with DAVE Embedded Systems' repositories.

Once the git account has been enabled, the developer can:

  • clone the repository with the git clone <git_remote_repository> command
  • synchronize a source tree entering the repository directory and launching the git fetch origin command.

Please note that git fetch doesn't merge the commits on the current branch. To do that, the developer should run the git merge command or replace the fetch-merge process with a single git pull command. Please note that the recommended method is the fetch-merge process. For further information on Git, please refer to the official Git Documentation