Bootstrap settings (NaonEVB-Lite)

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Dds vista tre quarti.png Applies to NaonEVB-Lite

When Naon module is plugged onto NaonEVB-Lite carrier board, BTMODE[4:0] bootstrap pins are changed as follows:

  • BTMODE[4:0]: 00010.

Thus boot sequence is:

  1. UART
  2. SPI
  3. NAND
  4. NANDI2C.

This configuration can be changed by acting on S5 dip switch on bottom side of the board. Swithes allow to configure each BTMODE signal independently as summarized by following table. Settings denoted as RFU - that stands for "Reserved for future use" - must not be selected.

DIP SWITCH OFF Position ON Position
S5.1 default BTMODE0=1
S5.2 default RFU
S5.3 default RFU
S5.4 default BTMODE1=0
S5.5 default BTMODE2=1
S5.6 default RFU
S5.7 default BTMODE3=1
S5.8 default RFU
S5.9 default BTMODE4=1
S5.10 default RFU
S5.11 default RFU
S5.12 default RFU