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BORA SOM Longevity program[edit | edit source]

The ZYNQ family is included in the Longevity program by Xilinx. The first ZYNQ SOC used on BORA SOM was released after 2011

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DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to provide its products at least for the same period declared by the silicon vendor. DAVE Embedded Systems manages the components' obsolescence and components through a PCN program according to JEDEC standard (where possible) which may require the customer's support.

Product life cycle termination[edit | edit source]

Once the silicon vendor provides the LBO (Last Buy Order) and LBS (Last Buy Shipment) for its products DAVE Embedded Systems provide the same documentation to its customers in order to program the product life termination.

DAVE Embedded Systems is available to continue producing the product (procuring material from aftermarket) until the quality is granted and/or until the customer accepts the extra costs related to this process.

Product continuity[edit | edit source]

DAVE Embedded Systems' goal is to grant the production continuity to its customer including the possibility to redesign its products in order to maintain the product continuity