BORA Lite SOM/BORA Lite Hardware/Peripherals/EEPROM

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ID# Issue Date Notes


01/12/2020 First version


18/07/2023 Minor changes

An on-board Microchip 24AA32AT device provides an added storage device for factory settings:

  • the first 32 bytes of the device are RESERVED: this region stores the bytes for the ConfigID on BORA Lite SOMs configured for booting from NAND device (without NOR SPI on board)
  • the device is write protected using the EEPROM_WP

The device has some configuration pins:

  • three address pins for configuring the I2C adddress A0, A1, A2 internally configured as A[0..2]='000'
  • the EEPROM_WP is connected to J2.9 pin on the JTAG connector and should not be externally connected