AXEL ULite SOM/AXEL ULite Evaluation Kit/Interfaces and Connectors/RTC

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Version Issue Date Notes
1.0.0 Jul 2021 First DESK release

RTC interface[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The AXEL ULite Evaluation Kit may uses the RTC device provided by i.MX6UL's native RTC

An external lithium battery (like Panasonic ML-2020/G1AN rechargeable battery) can be optionally connected to the AXEL ULite Evaluation Kit J4 connector.

J4 is a Molex 53398-0271 PicoBlade connector

RTC connector

Signals[edit | edit source]

The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin# SOM Pin# Pin name Pin function Pin Notes
J4.1 J1.14 PMIC_LICELL RTC / VDD SNVS pin coin cell battery network has to be properly configured for lithium battery recharge current

Device mapping[edit | edit source]

RTC is mapped to /dev/rtc0 device in Linux.

Device usage[edit | edit source]

The peripheral can be accessed through the date and hwclock linux commands.