AXEL ULite SOM/AXEL ULite Evaluation Kit/Interfaces and Connectors/Console

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Version Issue Date Notes
1.0.0 Jul 2021 First DESK release

Console interface[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Console interface available on the Evaluation Kit at the connector J8.

J8 is a 10 pin (5x2x2.54mm) header connector for the RS232 two-wires UART3 port, used for debug purposes (bootloader and operating system serial console).

Console connector

Signals[edit | edit source]

The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin# SOM Pin# Pin name Pin function Pin Notes
1,2,4,6,7,8,10 - N.A. N.C. Not connected
J8.3 J1.189 RS232_RX Receive line
J8.3 J1.187 RS232_TX Transmit line
J8.9 - DGND Ground

Device mapping[edit | edit source]

UART3 is mapped to /dev/ttymxc0 device in Linux. The peripheral is used as the default serial console, both for the bootloader and the kernel.

Device usage[edit | edit source]

To connect to the debug serial port:

  1. connect the DB9 adapter bracket to the J8 connector on the EVK board
  2. connect a serial cable between DB9 connector and PC COM port through a NULL-modem cable (not provided)
  3. start your favorite terminal emulator software on PC (eg: PuTTY); communication parameters are: 115200,N,8,1