AXEL ULite SOM/AXEL ULite Evaluation Kit/Getting started/Boot Configurations

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Version Issue Date Notes
1.0.0 Jun 2021 First DESK release

Boot Configurations[edit | edit source]

AXEL ULite Evaluation Board is built upon i.MX6UL processor.

The following sections detail boot configuration options, which differ depending on the SoM.

Available options[edit | edit source]

Boot modes can be selected by J18 switches which acts directly on J2.20 BOOT_MODE0 configuration pin.

J18.1 switch is mapped to BOOT_MODE0 pin allowing different boot modes.

Boot options order code Jumper mounted Jumper not mounted
Boot from NOR NOR SD
Boot from NAND NAND SD

Inserting a jumper on the left position header, the internal storage device is selected as a primary boot device: i.e. NOR SPI or NAND flash.

Boot option