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Issue Date Notes
2023/09/13 First release

Peripheral LCD[edit | edit source]

The LCD interface available on AURA is based on i.Mx93 SoC and fetches graphics stored in memory and display them on a TFT LCD panel.

Description[edit | edit source]

The LCD port supports the following standards and features:

  • Parallel display (up to 1366x768 or 1280x800)
  • The display mode supports DOTCLK mode only

• One layer can support the programmable plane size(Width/Height/Pitch) on the panel

The LCD interface may be driven by a Pixel Processing Pipeline (PXP) used to process graphics buffers or composite video and graphics data before sending to an LCD display.

The PXP combines the following into a single processing engine:

  • Scaling: YUV 422, 420, 444 and any RGB formatted pixels
  • Color Space Conversion (CSC): converting from YUV to RGB
  • Secondary Color Space Conversion (CSC2)
  • Rotation: 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees and vertical/horizontal flips
  • Composite Alpha Blending and Color Key

Pin mapping[edit | edit source]

The Pin mapping is described in the Pinout table section