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Issue Date Notes
2021/02/04 First release

Peripheral NPU[edit | edit source]

The Neural Processign Unit (NPU) available on ORCA is based on iMX8MPlus SoC.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Neural Processing Unit (NPU) core accelerates vision image processing functions and provides enhanced performance for real-time use cases with hardware support for the OpenVX API.

Key features of the NPU block include:

  • OpenVX 1.2 compliance, including extensions
  • Convolutional Neural Network acceleration
  • IEEE 32-bit floating-point pipeline in PPU shaders.
  • Ultra-threaded parallel processing unit
  • Low bandwidth at both high and low data rates
  • Low CPU loading
  • MMU functionality supported
  • Performance Counters for DMA Profiling
  • Data transfers between Neural Network Engines and the Parallel Processing Unit, with SRAM as local storage
  • Neural Network Engine and Parallel Processing Unit synchronization with hardware semaphore