ORCA SOM/ORCA Hardware/Electrical Thermal and Mechanical Features/Thermal management and heat dissipation

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First release
2023/11/09 Add thermography picture

Thermal management[edit | edit source]

The ORCA SOM is designed to support the maximum available temperature range declared by the manufacturer.

The customer shall define and conduct a reasonable number of tests and verification in order to qualify the DUT capabilities to manage the heat dissipation.

Any heatsink, fan etc shall be defined case by case.

DAVE Embedded Systems' team is available for any additional information, please contact sales@dave.eu.

A general overview snapshot[edit | edit source]

For your information, please see below a snapshot in stress conditions (with about 10W power consumption) with a standard heatsink on top of SOC:

Tcam mito top IR.jpg

Software thermal protection[edit | edit source]

TBD.png Section not completed yet