MITO 8M Mini SOM/MITO 8M Mini Hardware/Peripherals/Real Time Clock

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Issue Date Notes
2021/01/28 First release

Real Time Clock[edit | edit source]

This chapter describes the technical specifications and features for the RTC component on the MITO 8M Mini/Nano module.

The Real Time Clock available on MITO 8M Mini/Nano is based on iMX8M Mini/Nano SoC.

Features[edit | edit source]

The MITO 8M Mini/Nano module uses a 32.768kHz dedicated crystal in order to obtain an accurate time base for the RTC.

Important note for RTC during power-off[edit | edit source]

The Real Time Clock is kept operative through the PMIC_LICELL pin (J.14): the LICELL pin provides for a connection of a coin cell backup battery or a “super” capacitor.

A small capacitor should be placed from LICELL to ground under all circumstances.

For more information about PMIC RTC functionality, please refer to the PF8121 datasheet.