MITO 8M Mini SOM/MITO 8M Mini Hardware/Peripherals/PCI Express

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Issue Date Notes
2021/01/28 First release

Peripheral PCI Express[edit | edit source]

PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard, designed to replace the older PCI, PCI-X and AGP bus standards.

The PCI Express interface on MITO 8M Mini SOM is avaiable on SODIMM connector pinout.

Description[edit | edit source]

The PCI Express interfaces available on MITO 8M Mini is based on iMX8M Mini SoC.

The PCI Express interfaces supports the following standards and features:

  • PCIe PHY ports (1-lines) with L1 low power substates
  • up to 6.0 Gbps data rate
  • complies to PCI Express base specification 2.1.
  • 8B/10B Encoding / Decoding
  • Supports Spread Spectrum Clocking in Transmitter and Receiver

Pin mapping[edit | edit source]

The Pin mapping is described in the Pinout table section