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Issue Date Notes
2020/12/29 First release

Peripheral LVDS[edit | edit source]

The LVDS interface available on MITO 8M Mini/Nano is based on a MIPI® DSI To FLATLINK™ LVDS bridge IC.

It is directly connected to the MIPI® DSI output port of iMX8M Mini/Nano SOC.

This support covers all aspects of these activities:

  • Connectivity to relevant devices - Displays with LVDS receivers
  • Arranging the data as required by the external display receiver and by LVDS display standards
  • Synchronization and control capabilities

This interface is available when the MIPI-to-LVDS bridge is present. See on MITO 8M Mini SOM P/N composition

Description[edit | edit source]

The LVDS port supports the following standards and features:

  • Suitable for 60-fps WUXGA 1920 × 1200 Resolution at 18-bpp and 24-bpp Color, 60 fps 1366 × 768 at 18 bpp and 24 bpp
  • Output Configurable for Single-Link or Dual-Link LVDS
  • LVDS Output Clock Range of 25 MHz to 154 MHz in Dual-Link or Single-Link Modes

Pin mapping[edit | edit source]

The Pin mapping is described in the Pinout table section