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Issue Date Notes
2020/12/29 First release

Peripheral Audio[edit | edit source]

The Audio interface available on MITO 8M Mini/Nano is based on iMX8M Mini/Nano SoC which provides the following audio subsystems:

  • Synchronous Audio Interface (SAI)
    • 5x I2S/SAI (20+ channels, each 32-bits @384 kHz)
    • Highest levels of pro audio fidelity with more than 20 audio channels each @384KHz
  • Sony/Philips Digital Interface (SPDIF)
    • S/PDIF Tx/Rx

Description[edit | edit source]

The I2S (or I2S) module provides a synchronous audio interface (SAI) that supports full- duplex serial interfaces with frame synchronization such as I2S, AC97, TDM, and codec/DSP interfaces. It supports the following standards and features:

  • Transmitter and receiver with independent bit clock and frame sync supporting 8 data lines
  • Each data line can support a maximum Frame size of 32 words
  • Asynchronous 128 x 32-bit FIFO for each transmit and receive data line
  • Supports packing of 8-bit and 16-bit data into each 32-bit FIFO word
  • Supports combining multiple data line FIFOs into single data line FIFO

The Sony/Philips Digital Interface (SPDIF) audio block is a stereo transceiver that allows the processor to receive and transmit digital audio.

Pin mapping[edit | edit source]

The Pin mapping is described in the Pinout table section