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Dido-main.png Applies to Dido

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page provides useful information and resources to system designers in order to integrate Dido module in his/her application quickly. These information complement SoM-independent recommendations provided in the Carrier board design guidelines (SOM) page.

Several topics are covered, ranging from hardware issues to manufacturing aspects.

Topics shared with Naon SOM[edit | edit source]

Please refer to Integration_guide_(Naon) for all the topics that are in common with the Naon SOM

Dido SOM specific topics[edit | edit source]

PCI Express[edit | edit source]

PCB[edit | edit source]

Routed length for PCI Express Differential Pairs Min Typ Max
Differential Impedance [Ohm] - 101 -
Common Mode Impedance [Ohm] - 57 -
Intra pair matching [mils]* - - 5
Max Length [in] - - <5,5
Stub - - 0
Vias on module TX - - 3
Vias on module RX - - 6
  • * See detailed trace lengths shown in the following table. These numbers are required to compute overall (SoM + carrier board) lengths.
Dido pin name Individual trace length [mils]
PCIE_TXP 5234,14
PCIE_TXN 5234,14
PCIE_RXP 5174,11
PCIE_RXN 5169,96