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Dido-main.png Applies to Dido


This page provides useful information and resources to system designers in order to integrate Dido module in his/her application quickly. These information complement SoM-independent recommendations provided in the Carrier board design guidelines (SOM) page.

Several topics are covered, ranging from hardware issues to manufacturing aspects.

Topics shared with Naon SOM

Please refer to Integration_guide_(Naon) for all the topics that are in common with the Naon SOM

Dido SOM specific topics

PCI Express


Routed length for PCI Express Differential Pairs Min Typ Max
Differential Impedance [Ohm] - 101 -
Common Mode Impedance [Ohm] - 57 -
Intra pair matching [mils]* - - 5
Max Length [in] - - <5,5
Stub - - 0
Vias on module TX - - 3
Vias on module RX - - 6
  • * See detailed trace lengths shown in the following table. These numbers are required to compute overall (SoM + carrier board) lengths.
Dido pin name Individual trace length [mils]
PCIE_TXP 5234,14
PCIE_TXN 5234,14
PCIE_RXP 5174,11
PCIE_RXN 5169,96