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Issue Date Notes
2021/01/11 First Release

MIPI interface[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The MIPI Display serial Interface interface available on the Evaluation Kit at the connector J19

J19 is a 10 pin ZIF connector (0.5mm pitch, bottom contacts) for the DSI interface.

MIPI connector

Signals[edit | edit source]

The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin# SOM Pin# Pin name Pin function Pin Notes
1 - DGND Ground
2 J18.121 DSI_D1P data lane1 +
3 J18.119 DSI_D1N data lane1 -
4 - DGND Ground
5 J18.117 DSI_D0P data lane0 +
6 J18.115 DSI_D0N data lane0 -
7 - DGND Ground
8 J18.113 DSI_CKP clock +
9 J18.111 DSI_CKN clock -
10 - DGND Ground

Device mapping[edit | edit source]

The MIPI CSI peripheral is mapped to the corresponding /dev/video<X> device in Linux. The device mapping depends on the device tree configuration.