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Issue Date Notes


First Release
2021/09/10 Update NAND and touchscreen

Product Highlights[edit | edit source]

The SBC ETRA platform presented here provides a compact solution for any industry and can be easily interfaced with Plant Automation Control thanks to IEC-61131 SW language environment and/or other plug-ins like QT framework or multimedia GStreamer video applications.

The following table summarizes the main hardware and software features available with SBC ETRA:

Hardware[edit | edit source]

Subsystem Characteristics
CPU STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 Solo/Dual core
USB Host and OTG
Storage onboard eMMC or NAND, uSD connector
Serial Ports dual RS232/485 port
Ethernet 10/100Mbps
Display WIDE interface with 18- or 24-bit RGB
Video 2 lane MIPI interface
Touchscreen USB capacitive
Connectivity Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
LED and Buttons (optional) membrane with up to 6 LED and 2 buttons
PSU 12 to 24V DC or 5V from USB
Mechanical Dimensions 87x68mm - Standard DIN (4modules)

Software[edit | edit source]

Subsystem Options
Operating System Linux
Distribution Yocto
Graphical Framework Qt