ETRA SBC/General Information/Block Diagram and Features

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Issue Date Notes


First Release
2021/09/10 Updated information

Block diagram[edit | edit source]

The following picture shows a simplified block diagram of the ETRA SOM Evaluation kit.

Main functional subsystems and interfaces are depicted.

ETRA Evaluation kit peripheral blocks

The heart of the Evaluation Kit is the ETRA SOM module: please refer to the following Product Highlights page for the Evaluation Kit product highlights information.

Here below a summary for the main characteristics of the Kit.

Features Summary[edit | edit source]

Feature Specifications
Supported SOM integrated on carrier board
Serial Ports 2x UART RS232/RS485
1x LVTTL UART on pin strip (debug port)
Connectivity 1x 10/100TX Ethernet on RJ45 connector
DWM Wireless module (optional)
Display WIDE™ display interface

2 lane MIPI interface

Storage 1x microSD slot

1x eMMC on board device (optional)

USB 1x USB 2.0 Host port
1x USB OTG port
Miscellaneous Capacitive touchscreen connector


RTC battery

user LED and Buttons (optional)

Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Specifications[edit | edit source]

Electrical / Mechanicals Specifications
Supply voltage + [12 - 24] V or +5V from USB OTG port
Dimensions 86 mm x 68 mm
Weight TBD g
Operating Temperature -5/+65 °C