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DWS top.png Applies to DWS AN

Version Issue Date Notes
1.0.0 Apr 2021 First release

Regulatory domain[edit | edit source]

A WLAN regulatory domain is a set of laws or policies that control a bounded area.

Currently, there are governing bodies in many countries around the world, like: FCC, IC, RED, Japan (TELEC), Korea (KCC), Brazil (ANATEL), SRRC (China), Australia (RCM)

The main limitations depicted by the regulatory domains affect the available frequencies and the maximum RF power.

Linux setup[edit | edit source]

To setup the regulatory domain under linux systems use the command iw reg set <country code> where <country code> refers to the Country Codes List

DWS WiFi device[edit | edit source]

The WiFi module supplier provides the embedded FW and the driver SW for assuring that the DWS WiFi device is relesed for good wireless operation for almost all generic WIFI use-cases.

NOTE: during the Certification tests, the regulatory domain setup (frequencies and power) should be verified against the limit and power level for the selected country.

Debug[edit | edit source]

To debug the actual settings made by the driver, the user should edit the config file /lib/firmware/wlan/qcom_cfg.ini to enbale the log traces, before the insertion of the driver module.

At the start of the file enable the WDA and SME logs:

#Host module debug

This operation will taint the kernel console with many debug messages.