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ID# Issue Date Notes


16/07/2021 First DESK release


24/03/2022 Add Updates note

Virtual Machine[edit | edit source]

DESK-MX6-L contains all the required software and documentation to start developing Linux application on the Axel platform. In particular, DESK-MX6-L provides a virtual machine, called DVDK, with the following features:

  • VirtualBox virtual machine (.OVA archive)
  • based on Lubuntu 16.04 LTS (64-bit version)
  • pre-installed VirtualBox Guest Additions
  • LXDE desktop environment
  • boot disk with the distro and pre-configured basic Linux services:
    • TFTP: with base directory /srv/tftp/
    • NFS: configured through the /etc/exports file
  • secondary disk containing source code and tools:
    • bootloader (u-boot) source tree cloned from DAVE Embedded Systems public git repository
    • Linux kernel source tree cloned from DAVE Embedded Systems public git repository
    • external pre-built toolchain
    • Yocto BSP for AXEL Lite SOM
  • pre-installed Yocto-based root file systems with setup scripts, makefiles, example applications, ...
  • administrator account (dvdk) with autologin. Please note that the user account credentials are provided with the development kit (you can find them in the README file contained in the sw/dvdk folder of the kit distribution)
    • user: dvdk
    • password: dvdk

Please note that u-boot and kernel source trees are derived from the official trees released by NXP/Freescale; these trees have been customized to add support for the AXEL Lite SOM.

Host setup[edit | edit source]

As stated previously, AXEL Lite SOM host tools are based on a Managed Virtual Machine. As indicated here, microSD card delivered along with AXEL Lite Evaluation Kitincludes basic version of MVM that is the default option.

Please follows the README file on the SD card to extract the *.ova archive and to install the MVM.

It is also worth remembering that access to git repositories is required to download target source code. To enable it, please refer to this page.

MVM can be downloaded here. For accessing DESK Reserved area please contact our helpdesk support channel

To install it, please refer to this page.

Virtual Machine updates[edit | edit source]

The Ubuntu distribution may ask for an update, if available, due to the Update Notifier.

Update Ubuntu Notifier.png

The updates are not required for the proper DESK Virtual Machine functionality.


Even if the update can be transparent to the VM normal operations, it is suggested to not install the updates. They may change (or in a worst-case corrupt) what has been tested and documented in our wiki pages

If this is annoying for you, it is possible to disable it.