CAN interfaces (Naon)

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Naon am387x-dm814x.png Applies to Naon
Dido-main.png Applies to Dido

DM8148 processor integrates two CAN controller knows as DCAN0 and DCAN1.


By default DCAN0 is connected to on-board CAN transceiver (TI SN65HVD232). CAN_H and CAN_L signals are routed to pins J1.96 and J1.98 respectively.

Please note that CAN transceiver might be not populated on request. In this case DCAN0_TX and DCAN0_RX processor's signals are routed to J1.96 and J1.98 respectively. For more details about this option please contact Sales department.


DCAN1 TX and RX signals are connected to J1.19 and J1.21 rispectively.