Booting options (SBC Diva)

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SBC-DIVA-02.png Applies to SBC DIVA


This document describes main options related to booting. In case you need a configuration that is not listed here, please contact Sales department.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

SBC Diva is built upon AM335x processor. This component supports several booting options that are summarized here. Reading of that section is recommended for understanding this document.

Interested reader may find an exhaustive discussion of AM335x boot options in the AM335x Technical Reference Manual.

In general, AM335x ROM code creates a booting device list that are scanned for searching an available booting image.

Available options[edit | edit source]

Boot modes can be selected by S3 switches which acts directly on SYSBOOT configuration pins.

S3 switches are mapped to SYBOOT[3:0] pins allowing different boot modes.

S3 switch SYSBOOT pin

Same example can be found in the following table:

SYBOOT[3:0] Boot sequence Notes
0111 MMC0/SPI0/UART0 Default boot from NOR SPI
0011 NAND/NANDI2C/MMC0 boot from NAND
1001 SPI0/MMC0/EMAC1 boot from EMAC if DIVA has no NOR and no NAND on board

References[edit | edit source]