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The SD/SDIO controller controller is compatible with the standard SD Host Controller Specification Version 2.0 Part A2. The core also supports up to seven functions in SD1, SD4, but does not support SPI mode. It does support SD high-speed (SDHS) and SD High Capacity (SDHC) card standards. The SD/SDIO controller also supports MMC3.31.

The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin name Conn. pin Function Notes
PS_SD0_CLOCK J1.85 SD/SDIO/MMC clock -
PS_SD0_CMD J1.81 SD/SDIO/MMC command -
PS_SD0_DAT0 J1.79 SD/SDIO/MMC data 0 -
PS_SD0_DAT1 J1.77 SD/SDIO/MMC data 1 -
PS_SD0_DAT2 J1.75 SD/SDIO/MMC data 2 -
PS_SD0_DAT3 J1.73 SD/SDIO/MMC data 3 -