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An on-board Maxim Integrated DS3232 device provides a very accurate, temperature-compensated real-time clock (RTC) resource with:

  • Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
  • Date, time and calendar
  • Alarm capability
  • Backup power from external battery
  • ±3.5ppm accuracy from -40°C to +85°C
  • 236 Bytes of Battery-Backed SRAM
  • I²C Interface

Backup power is provided through the RTC_VBAT signal:

  • on Bora it is connected to J2.113
  • on Bora Lite it is connected to J1.22

If not used, RTC_VBAT must be externally connected to GND. For a detailed description of RTC characteristics, please refer to the DS3232 datasheet.