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Quad-SPI is used to access multi-bit serial flash memory devices for high throughput and low pin count applications. The controller operates in one of three modes: I/O mode, linear addressing mode, and legacy SPI mode. The following table describes the interface signals:

Pin name Conn. pin Function Notes
SPI0_CS0 J1.120 Chip select 0 MIO bank 0, pin 1
SPI0_CS1 J1.122 Chip select 1 MIO bank 0, pin 0
SPI0_DQ0 J1.125 1-bit: Master Output
2-bit: I/O0
4-bit: I/O0
MIO bank 0, pin 2
SPI0_DQ1 J1.123 1-bit: Master Input
2-bit: I/O1
4-bit: I/O1
MIO bank 0, pin 3
SPI0_DQ2 J1.121 1-bit: Write protect
2-bit: Write protect
4-bit: I/O0
MIO bank 0, pin 4
SPI0_DQ3 J1.119 1-bit: Hold
2-bit: Hold
4-bit: I/O3
MIO bank 0, pin 5
SPI0_SCLK J1.129 Serial clock MIO bank 0, pin 6