BORA SOM/BORA Hardware/Peripherals/Processing System (PS)

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Version Issue Date Notes


Oct 2021 New documentation layout
1.0.1 Mar 2022 Updated MIO pins

The 54 pins of the MIO module are assigned as reported in the following table:

MIO Pins Function
MIO[0:14] Quad-SPI and NAND flash
MIO[15] EX_WDT_REARM (watchdog WDI)
Optionally, it can act as SWDT reset out
MIO[16:27] Gigabit Ethernet
MIO[28:39] USB On-The-Go
MIO[46:47] I²C0
MIO[48:49] UART1
MIO[50] USB PHY reset
MIO[51] ETH0 PHY reset
MIO[52] Ethernet Management Data Clock input
MIO[53] Ethernet Management Data Input/Output