AXEL Lite SOM/AXEL Lite Hardware/Electrical Thermal and Mechanical Features/Operational characteristics

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Operational characteristics[edit | edit source]

Maximum ratings[edit | edit source]

Parameter Min Typ Max Unit
Main power supply voltage -0.3 3.3 3.6 V

Recommended ratings[edit | edit source]

Parameter Min Typ Max Unit
Main power supply voltage 3.135 3.3 3.465 V

Power consumption[edit | edit source]

Providing theoretical maximum power consumption value would be useless for the majority of system designers building their application upon AXEL Lite module. Practically speaking, these figures would be of no help when it comes to size power supply unit or to perform thermal design of real systems.

Instead, several configurations have been tested in order to provide figures that are measured on real-world use cases.

Please note that AXEL Lite platform is so flexible that it is virtually impossible to test for all possible configurations and applications on the market. The use cases here presented should cover most of real-world scenarios. However actual customer's application might require more power than values reported here or customer's use case may be differ significantly with respect to the ones here considered.

Therefore, application-specific requirements have always to be taken into consideration in order to size power supply unit and to implement thermal management properly.

Use cases results[edit | edit source]

Measurements have been performed on the AXEL Lite SOM under test is equipped with:

  • i.MX6 DualLite (p.n. MCIMX6U7CVM08AC)
  • 1 GB NAND

1 Gbps Ethernet link has been always active during the test.

The table below reports the power consumption measurements for the considered use cases.

Checkpoint Power (mW)
U-boot prompt 2370
Linux prompt 1610
Stress App test (*) 5915

(*) Stressful Application Test: