Using WiFi-Bluetooth combo plugin (DIVELK)

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Diva-am335x-overview.png Applies to Diva

History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Divelk version Hardware Part Nr Notes
4.0.0 Apr 2018 DIVELK 4.0.0 DIVELK 4.0.0

Introduction[edit | edit source]

SBC Diva can be populated with DWM WiFi/Bluetooth combo plugin to easily add wireless connectivity. In order to enable the bluetooth, the correct device tree configuration must be passed to the kernel. The sbcd comes with two possible devicetree configurations. The default one enables the uart1 and therefore the bluetooth and wifi module. The other configuration instead, enables the can interface and disables the uart1. Note: make sure to pass the correct devicetree configuration.

Enable Wifi interface[edit | edit source]