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Developing the software for the target (DIVELK)

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Diva-am335x-overview.png Applies to Diva
Yocto-logo.png Applies to Yocto

200px-Emblem-important.svg.png As the DIVELK kit is based on Yocto, the implementation of the MVM follows the approach described here. As such, the reading of this section is highly recommended. 200px-Emblem-important.svg.png

U-Boot and Linux kernelEdit

The U-Boot and the Linux kernel are typically built without invoking the Yocto build system.

Please refer to the following links for the specific instructions describing these operations:

Root file systems and SDKsEdit

The root file systems and the associated SDKs are built with the tools provided by the Yocto build system. For more details please refer to this page.