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Add-ons for SBC DIVA

An add-on is either a hardware unit that can be added to a computer to increase its capabilities or a program utility that enhances a primary program. Examples of add-ons for a Single Board Computer include cards for display adapters, video inputs, I/O expander, and peripherals expander. DAVE Embedded Systems provides its custumer the perfect ADD ONS solutions, suitable to be mounted on the Single Board Computers. In this page you can find some optional hardware components that significantly supplement and enhance the functionality of the original unit.

Display selection guide

In the following table you can find the supported displays.

Supported Display Manufacturer Size Type Resolution RGB bit Brightness Touchscreen Adapter
AM-800480STMQW-TA1 Ampire 7" LVDS 800x480 18 - Resistive not required
AM-800480RCTMQW-A1H Ampire 7" LVDS 800x480 18 1000cd/m2 - not required
AM-1024768T2TMQW-00H Ampire 10" LVDS 1024x768 18 or 24 350cd/m2 Capacitive - Clicktouch (TMG120) SBCAL200
AM-1024786T4TMQW-T63H Ampire 10" LVDS 1024x768 18 or 24 800cd/m2 Capacitive - EETI eGalax (EETI EXC3000) SBCAL310

Wireless modules selection guide

In the following table you can find the supported Wireless modules.

Supported Module Manufacturer Chip set Wireless features Antenna Temperature range Adapter
TIWI BLE LS Research Texas Instruments WL1271L IEEE 802.11 b,g,n,d,e,i, compliant
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Power Class 1.5
Full support for BT4.0 BLE and ANT
U.FL connector for external antenna Industrial operating temperature range: -40 / +85 °C DWM

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