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Power supply unit (PSU) and voltage domains (SBC Lynx)

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[2] AUX_5V is generated by a 600mA boost DC/DC converter. As this converter powers USB devices connected to J47 and J48 - if any - and DWM WiFi/Bluetooth module (if populated), maximum current available at connector J54 can not be provided.
==Power sequencing==
In case additional circuitry has to interfaced to processor's I/Os [1], '''proper power sequencing must be implemented''' in order to avoid back power phenomena. To do that, AUX_3.3V should be used:
* additional circuitry can be powered by AUX_3.3V directly
*AUX_3.3V can be used as enable signal to power-up this circuitry.
Either way, this ensures additional circuitry power-on sequence is compliant with processors requirements.
[1] For instance by the use of add-on boards interfaced to [[Connectors,_buttons_and_switches_(SBC_Lynx)#Mezzanine_board_connectors_.28J53.2FJ54.29|mezzanine]] or [[Connectors,_buttons_and_switches_(SBC_Lynx)#One-piece_interfaces_.28J45_.2F_J52.29|one-piece]] connectors.

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